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Bible Class study of Psalms
Could you use a little daily fiber for the soul?
by Edward Thomason

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Psalm 1 The psalmist considers a contrast of Life's choices.  
Psalm 6 The psalmist prays a prayer of anguish.  
Psalm 8   The psalmist is like an astronomer who sits under the vastness of the stars and sings praises about the greatness of God.  
Psalm 11 The psalmist shares with us the "song of the steadfast" which is about faith in God in times of injustice or persecution.  
Psalm 12   The psalmist gives a contrast between the false words of men and the truth of God, and the unfaithfulness of men compared to the faithfulness of God. 
Psalm 14 The psalmist paints a picture of a corrupt society. The interesting thing is... things haven't changed much.  
Psalm 15 The Psalmist opens with a probing question: "Who is fit to be a guest in Godís abode?"
Psalm 16 Known as the psalm of the golden secret - the psalmist give us a glimpse of the resurrection  
Psalm 19   The Psalmist briefly mentions the two witnesses of God (The World and the Word or more specifically, the Skies and the Scriptures.)
Psalm 25   This Psalm is a prayer that was worthy not only of the individual but also of the nation.
Psalm 34 In this Psalm, David expresses his exuberant devotion and confidence in the Lord! 
Psalm 39 In this Psalm, David seems to be facing a "mid-life" crisis. His advice needs to be considered even today.   
Psalm 96   With our voices we can sing and we can declare Godís glory among the people of the world. With our example we can show others of his salvation. With our hearts we can fear and reverence and worship God.

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