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by Edward Thomason
The Best Part... of life
text: Rom 13:11

Source: written by Edward E.Thomason – Preach
Date _______  place: Church of Christ
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Our Home Life - topical

The Best Part... of life
text: Rom 13:11


A grandmother was surprised by her 7 year old helper early one morning. He had made her coffee. She drank what was the worst cup of coffee in her life. And when she got to the bottom, to her amazement there were three little green army men in her cup. Puzzled, she asked: "Honey, what are the army men doing in my coffee?" Her grandson answered, "Grandma, you know how it says on TV, "The best part of waking up is soldiers in your cup."

What is the Best part of waking up? of Getting up? of being alive?
Scripture admonishes Christians to “wake up...”

-- Rom:13:11: And that, knowing the time, that now it is high time to awake out of sleep: for now is our salvation nearer than when we believed.

Why? Because we are missing out. We are missing all the good stuff in life. We need to smell the aroma of brewed coffee, of the roses in our yards, we need to enjoy the fresh air of a morning. We need to live and take it all in...

GOD created this beautiful world for his children to enjoy...and as his children we should be enjoying it. Life too quickly passes by. We should learn to use it wisely, and savor it... and get wholesome enjoyment out of it.

Let me share with you some thoughts about what might be the best part of waking up - of being alive:


For the sake of brevity, we will limit our discussion to just three basic things:


1. The best part of each day, ought to be, should be our faith and our relationship with God, Christ, The Bible, Other Christians.

2. I would hope that it would be hard for most of us to imagine going thru life, even a single day without the hope and assurance of knowing that we are walking thru this day with God beside us.

3. Imagine walking outside and listening to the birds, seeing the sun rise, smelling the fresh air -- and not thinking about God as the creator of it all. For most of us such is not imaginable... but each day many miss the best part of waking up. (They don’t believe in a divine creator. They don’t see themselves as a created being for a divine purpose... They are only dust blowing in the wind. And life becomes cruel, dismal, without purpose or reason.

4. Fellow Christian, our love and affection for our God and our Lord Jesus motivates us to be at our best and to do our best each day. We have a divine purpose for existing... To serve God and our fellow man. Yes, each day we awaken, we know that today our faith may be tested to its limit. We may face a temptation unlike that faced before. We may suffer physically, emotionally in ways that we have not before. But we can and must face the world and all that it brings with courage as we climb out of bed knowing that we also may have a joyful opportunity to do a good deed in Christ’s name or an opportunity to grow spiritually.

5. The Psalmist once wrote - the motto that when recited in the morning often helps us to get going.... its better than coffee in your cup; “This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will be glad and rejoice in it.” (Psm 118:24)

6. Say these words to yourself when you are tired and your head is heavy and you are dragging yourself out of bed. Say these words when your feet still ache from the day before. “This is the day that the Lord hath made, I will be glad and rejoice in it.” Notice that your not saying that you are going to make this a good day... what your saying and acknowledging is that this "is already" a good day because the Lord made it.
7. We just never know what joyful or sorrowful surprises a day may bring...
But we know that when our day begins and ends with faith it will be a good day!


1. The thought of being completely alone is frightening for most of us. (I would think!) As children, we should count our selves greatly blessed to have loving parents. (Some children don’t.) If you don’t love and appreciate your Mom and Dad - you are missing out. The best part of childhood can be time spent with family.

-- Hugs, kisses, time spent together.... this is the good part of life. -- Don’t squander it.

2. As a young adults, we should count our selves greatly blessed to have found and married a man or woman who loves us and who is faithful to us... (so many don’t.) Sure there are adjustments that have to be made as personalities begin to blend and as you learn to put your mate’s well being ahead of your own. (Your spouse is not perfect, but then neither are you.) Even the chores of housekeeping become enjoyable tasks when they are shared with someone you love or done for someone who loves you.

3. As Parents, we should count our selves greatly blessed. (Not all can have children and not all appreciate children.) One of the best parts of waking up is waking up to the sound of a child’s voice or laughter. Sure it can be stressful at times and exhausting... but try to savor the moments... (Like Mary the mother of Jesus... each time Jesus did something,
“Mary kept all these things, and pondered them in her heart.” -- Lk:2:19. (She put these things in her memory book.) Moms are better at this than Dad... but Dads should be careful that they don’t miss out. I remember that the best part of coming home from a long days work... was when my girls came running to the door to meet me. That was priceless. In those days, I would have said... “Its the best part.”

5. As older adults with aging parents, we should count ourselves greatly blessed. (Not all have aging parents. Some leave us prematurely.) And what wisdom there is in years. What joy to be able to talk with and listen to a Mom or Dad that (after all) have been where we may now be. Sure there can be stress on us, as time takes its toll on the health and minds of our parents. 1Yes, it can even be financially difficult and challenging at times. But these years too can be “good times.” Times that enrich our lives and make us a better people. The best part of waking up is knowing that you can call Dad or Mom and talk... hear their voices.... knowing that they love you and are perhaps your greatest admirers.

6. As an older man or woman in our senior years, we know that what lies ahead is less than what lies behind. And yes, it hurts sometimes just to move around. Sickness and health problems become a daily way of life that drain our energy levels and rob us of much of the physical enjoyments of life. And waking up to see a new wrinkle or less hair or to see you Grandfather in the mirror looking back at you is not a pleasant thought. But you have been given another day... even if it is a challenging day.

-- A day to reminisce if you like.... those stored up memories can bring joy.
-- A day to renew also if you like... renew old friendships, renew relationships with children and family... renew your faith

7. Another day can be a new and exciting challenge to do one more good deed to help this world be a better place, to express love and compassion... to think about others rather than self. Even our senior years can be the best part of waking up if we keep a pleasant attitude about us and surround ourselves with family, friends and our faith.


1. I know there are people who seem to have no sense of humor... I feel sorry for them - they are missing out. The scripture says that laughter is like medicine... Prov 17:22
There will be plenty of tears in life... there an adequate amount of heartbreak, sadness, sorrow, and even regrets that we will have to live with. But the best part of waking up each day is the joy and happiness that can be ours as we struggle thru the day searching for the joy. Learn to laugh (even if its at yourself). As your tying your shoes each morning ask yourself, “What fun thing can I do today.”

2. Every one deserves to treat themselves to an ice-cream cone now and then. We all deserve to enjoy life each day. We are God’s children. Fun may include something as simple as playing with your children or grandchildren. Fun may include taking a walk or just cruising around in your car or truck. Getting a hobby that brings pleasure - can be fun. Fun may include doing good deeds for others. (It is more blessed to give than receive...) Fun may include trying something new or different. Even work can be fun if we go about it the right way. There are many wholesome things that Christians can do that will bring fun.
I know it is unrealistic to expect to have a belly laugh every time we do something... but there are pleasant experiences in life that bring enjoyment and pleasure to our lives... search for them, find them, don’t miss out.


1. So, what is the best part of waking up for you? Have we touched on a few points that you can relate to?


2. The scriptures teach us that Christians can find joy.

- "Rejoice in the Lord always..."says Phil 4:4
- In other words, When we get up in the morning - one of the first things we can do is rejoice in our relationship with the Lord.
- Of course, if you are not “in the Lord” you can’t rejoice in him.
- Which brings us to something that you can do that will become the best part of waking up... the best part of living....
- And that is living for Christ - you can begin today to live in Christ and for Christ.
- And (believe it or not) its fun.


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